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Standard Features

Pre-Engineered and proven design that has been field tested under rugged conditions at temperatures up to 750°F (400°C)

Low point fill connection for filling the system from the bottom to properly vent the system

Low Watt Density Alloy 800 sheath elements

Flexible pump inlet and outlet connections to protect pump from piping thermal growth

Unique "Buffer Tank" factory installed to prevent degradation of thermal oils in atmospheric expansion tanks. Buffer tank prevents hot oil from entering the atmospheric tank

All welded construction with flanged connections

Self-venting horizontal heating chamber eliminates the need to manually vent the heater

Piping insulated with non-wicking insulation to prevent fire hazard

Mechanically sealed pumps to eliminate constant dripping that occurs with packed seals

Nema 12/4 industrial SCR control panel for precise control

Positive displacement pumps for lower flows with integral pressure relief valve

Heating element sensing sensor to prevent over temperature and damage to equipment in the event of fault. Sensor is connected to a certified over temperature controller

Centrifugal pumps for higher flows

PID Temperature Controller for accurate temperature control

Expansion tank either mounted on the system or shipped separate for mounting above the process