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PETROCHEMICAL Heating Solutions

Since 1962 Gaumer Process has been designing and manufacturing electric process heaters and control systems to the Petrochemical and Hydrocarbon Processing Industry. Gaumer Process is located at the center of the Energy and Process World... Houston, TX. Customers value our expert technical knowledge, fast response time, excellent service, as well as the ability to solve the toughest process heater applications and hazardous duty environments. Gaumer Process offers support and expertise to end users, OEMs, Research and Technology, as well as EPCs. We can also replace and or redesign heaters manufactured by our competitors.




Lube Oil Systems

  • Compressors
  • Gear Boxes
  • Machine Lubrication

Process Immersion Heaters

Regeneration and Startup Heaters

  • Mole Sieve Regeneration
  • Nitrogen Generation
  • Adsorbers
  • Dryers
  • Catalyst Regeneration

Process Circulation Heaters


  • Plastics
  • Pelletizers

Heat Transfer Systems
Band Heaters

Die Plates & Platens

  • Extruders
  • Pressers

Heat Transfer Systems
Cartridge Heaters

Shaft and Bearing Tempering

  • Extrusion Pumps

Heat Transfer Systems

Reactor Vessels

  • Jacketed Tanks

Heat Transfer Systems

Thermal Fluid Vaporizers

  • Vapor State Thermal Fluids


SCR Systems

  • Air Dilution Heaters
  • Ammonia Vaporization

Process Circulation Heaters
Duct Heaters


  • Kettle Type Reboilers
  • Tank Heaters

Process Immersion Heaters

Research and Development

  • Process Development
  • Tool Development

Process Immersion Heaters
Band Heaters
Process Circulation Heaters

Flare Systems

  • Dehydration

Knock Out Drums