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Gaumer Process provides standard fuel gas conditioning equipment (in accordance with Gaumer standard specifications) and custom engineered (in accordance with customer specifications) to meet the desired requirements of gas turbines, engines, burners and compressors of different makes.

The deregulation of gas market, varying quality of natural/fuel gas from various resources with a broad range of dew points, advanced-technology gas turbines with Dry Low NOx combustors and emission control requirements have put a great emphasis for the need of an efficient and economical fuel gas conditioning system that delivers clean, dry and superheated gas. The absence of proper gas conditioning equipment or poorly designed conditioning equipment can lead to damage of gas turbines and engines, sometimes, which are beyond repair.


Skid mounted modular system with easy tie-in points

Electric Super heater

Detailed process simulation considering HC dew points, hydrate formation temperatures, pressure drops and erosional velocities

Performance heater (Shell & Tube Exchanger)

Quick availability based on pre-engineered design or custom engineered per equipment specifications

Flow metering (custody and non-custody)

Major components to include:

PLC control system

Scrubber / KO Drum

Complete process and mechanical guarantees

Electric Pre-heater

Training and start-up/site commissioning assistance

Pressure Reduction Station

Global certifications such as ASME, PED, IECEx, ATEX, NR-13, etc.

Filter Coalescers


Power Generation


Upstream, midstream and downstream: Oil & Gas



Hydraulic Fracturing