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Performance Gas Fuel Heating

  • Performance Gas Fuel Heating
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As the need for higher efficiency power plants increases, growing number of combined-cycle power plants are incorporating performance gas fuel heating as a means of improving overall plant efficiency. Performance heaters typically increases FG temperatures in the range of 365F (185C), improving GT efficiency by reducing the amount of fuel needed to achieve desired firing temperatures.

Gaumer Process provides shell and tube heat exchangers (NEN, BEU, etc. per TEMA) with gas on shell side & feed water on tube side (or vice versa) to meet the required heat duty. The exchanger can be a single shell or dual stacked in series (based on required duty and space limitations). Each of the heat exchanger shells is furnished with low point collection sumps. These sumps house level instrumentation that provide early indication of a heat exchanger tube leak or rupture & automatically controls sump drain valves.


Skid mounted modular system with easy tie-in points

Quick availability based on pre-engineered design or custom engineered per equipment specifications

Detailed process simulation considering pressure drop and erosional velocities

PLC control system (optional)

ASME coded pressure vessel with relief valves

Complete process and mechanical guarantees

Finned or plain tubes

Training and start-up/site commissioning assistance


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