Fluid Forwarding Systems

  • Fluid Forwarding System
  • Liquid Fuel Unloading system
  • Demineralized Water Forwarding System
  • Liquid Fuel Transfer System


Gaumer Process specializes in engineering, design and manufacturing of various fluid forwarding systems and unloading systems utilized in power, mining, pulp & paper and petrochemical industry. We provide standard (in accordance with Gaumer standard specifications) and custom engineered (in accordance with customer specifications) solutions to meet the desired requirements.

  • Liquid fuel forwarding system
  • Liquid fuel unloading system
  • Demineralized water forwarding system
  • Liquid fuel transfer system


Pumping skids for fluids (Diesel, API # 45, Demineralized water, Fuel Oil, Lube Oil, etc.)

Recirculation lines

Skid mounted, trailer mounted or standalone

Strainers with differential pressure indication

Single pump or 2x100% or 3x50% arrangement

Quick availability based on pre-engineered design or custom engineered per equipment specifications

Choice of pumps: Centrifugal, Gear, Magnetic, etc.

Complete process and mechanical guarantees

ASME piping

Training and start-up/site commissioning assistance

Motor starter panels


Power Generation - Traditional power plant or mobile power generation unit

Pulp & Paper

Upstream, midstream and downstream



Water/Waste Water

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