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Process Immersion Heater

PROCESS IMMERSION HEATERS & Flanged immersion heaters

Gaumer Process carries a wide variety of Process Immersion Heater including flanged heaters. Process Immersion Heaters utilize metal sheathed nichrome resistive heating elements seal welded to ANSI flange, screw plug, or customized fitting. Circulation heaters can be installed in a tank, pressurized vessel, or protective well. The heater terminations are protected with a terminal enclosure allowing the heater to be installed in a variety of environments ranging from general purpose to hazardous areas. Gaumer Process offers standard immersion heater designs as well as customized immersion heaters to meet your projects specific requirements.

Gaumer's team takes great pride in their product. They evaluate each clients needs and work with them start to finish to build a custom design that meets all the project needs. The client can work with any start ups and we're happy to provide testing help with pulling any inspections needed. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business and Gaumer includes annual and semi annual inspections as one of many services to ensure a high quality functioning product for each client.

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