Oil & Gas


Since 1962 Gaumer Process has been designing and manufacturing electric process heaters and control systems to the Oil and Gas Industry. Gaumer Process is located at the center of the Oil and Gas World Houston, TX. Customers value our expert technical knowledge, fast response time, excellent service, as well as the ability to solve the toughest process heater applications and hazardous duty environments. Gaumer Process offers support and expertise to exploration, drilling, and production companies. Whether your companies heating or fuel gas conditioning requirements are located offshore or onshore, Gaumer Process offers solutions for both conventional and unconventional methods of extracting and production of oil and gas.

The oil and gas industry consists of these major sectors: upstream, midstream, and downstream. This section will focus on the upstream oil and gas industry.



Separators Knock Out Drums
Process Immersion Heaters
Steam Piping Process Circulation Heaters for Steam Superheat
Glycol Reboilers Process Immersion Heaters
Power Generation Fuel Gas Conditioning
Process Circulation Heaters
Crude Oil Heaters Process Circulation Heaters
Potable Water Heaters and Non-Potable Water Heaters Process Immersion Heaters and Circulation Heaters
Drain Sumps Process Immersion Heaters
Lubrication Oil Heating Process Immersion Heaters
Tank Heaters Process Immersion Heaters
SAGD Steam Superheater Process Immersion Heaters
Glycol/Water Trim Heaters Process Immersion Heaters
Load Bank Heaters Process Immersion Heaters
Freeze Protection Process Immersion Heaters
Fuel Gas and Dewpoint Heaters Process Immersion Heaters